Information for the presenters

CEA2010 workshop Program

10:10-10:25 Opening Chair: Yoko Yamakata (Kyoto Univ.)
Welcome to CEA2010 Mutsuo Sano (Osaka Institute of Technology), Ichiro Ide (Nagoya Univ. / Univ. of Amsterdam)
10:30-12:00 Session I: Cooking activities Chair: Kazuaki Kondo (Kyoto Univ.)
CEA-I-1 Object recognition based on object's identity for cooking recognition task Y. Yamakata, K. Kakusho, and M. Minoh
CEA-I-2 Tracking food materials with changing their appearance in food preparing A. Hashimoto, N. Mori, T. Funatomi, M. Mukunoki, K. Kakusho, and M. Minoh
CEA-I-3 Task prediction in cooking activities using hierarchical state space Markov chain and object based task grouping P. Lade, N. Krishnan, and S. Panchanathan
Lunch and Invited talk (ISM main conference)
14:10-16:00 Session II: Posters Chair: Yoko Yamakata (Kyoto Univ.)
CEA-II-1 A hybrid semantic item model for recipe search by example H. Xie, L. Yu, and Q. Li
CEA-II-2 Memory Ubiquitous: Providing memories on anything, anywhere - A case study for cooking support - K. Kondo, M. Kanegae, T. Koizumi, K. Obata, and Y. Nakamura
CEA-II-3 Comparison of experts’ between non-experts’ apple peeling skills and the designing of leaning support system S. Ota, M. Soga, N. Yamamoto, and H. Taki
CEA-II-4 Image recognition of 85 food categories by feature fusion H. Hoashi, T. Joutou, and K. Yanai
CEA-II-5 TV as a multimedia synchronous communication for eating and cooking activities: Analysis of TV cooking shows in Hong Kong S. So, and T. Lai
Coffee break
16:10-17:40 Session III: Preparation and eating activities Chair: Takuya Funatomi (Kyoto Univ.)
CEA-III-1 Multimedia supplementation to a cooking recipe text for facilitating its understanding to inexperienced users I. Ide, Y. Shidochi, Y. Nakamura, D. Deguchi, T. Takahashi, and H. Murase
CEA-III-2 Extraction of mastication in diet based on masticatory pattern descriptor K. Miyawaki, M. Sano, and S. Nishiguchi
CEA-III-3 An overview of the technology assisted dietary assessment project at Purdue University N. Khanna, C. Boushey, D. Kerr, M. Okos, D. Ebert, and E. Delp
17:40-18:00 Closing Chair: Ichiro Ide (Nagoya Univ. / Univ. of Amsterdam)