CEA2012 workshop Program (at the Conf. Room 4 in Nara Prefectural New Public Hall)

Opening (13:30-13:40) Mutsuo Sano (Osaka Institute of Technology)
Oral session (13:40-14:55) Chair:Daisuke Deguchi (Nagoya University)
Intelligent Menu Planning: Recommending sets of recipes by ingredients Li, C., Kuo, F., and Shan, M.
Food region segmentation in meal images using touch points Morikawa, C., Sugiyama, H., and Aizawa, K.
Recognizing ingredients at cutting process by integrating multimodal features Hashimoto, A., Inoue, J., Nakamura, K., Funatomi, T., Ueda, M., Yamakata, Y., and Minoh, M.
Best Paper Award Ceremony (14:55-15:00) Ichiro Ide (Nagoya University)
Poster session (15:00-16:00) Chair:Yoko Yamakata (Kyoto University)
Cooking rehabilitation support for self-reliance of cognitive dysfunction patients Miyawaki, K., and Sano, M.
Table Talk Enhancer: Communication visualizing system for enhancing and balancing utterance rates Ogawa, K., Hori, Y., Takeuchi, T., Narumi, T., Tanigawa, T., and Hirose, M.
Influences of a robot's presence and speeches in a cooking support system Suzuki, Y., Shinkou, H., and Ueda, H.
Cooking gesture recognition using local feature and depth image Ji, Y., Ko, Y., Shimada, A., Nagahara, H., and Taniguchi, R.
Food menu selection support system: Considering constraint conditions for safe dietary life Iizuka, K., Okawada, T., Matsuyama, K., Kurihashi, S.,and Iizuka, Y.
BioloGeek, An intelligent system for service mashups tuned for recipe processing and rendering Belaunde, M., Pinson, F., and Pellen, N.
Laser-Cooking: A novel culinary technique for dry heating using laser cutter and vision technology Fukuchi, K., Jo, K., Tomiyama, A., and Takao, S.
Recipe sub-goals and graphs: An evaluation by cooks Buykx, L.
Invited Talk (16:00-16:50) Chair: Mutsuo Sano (Osaka Institute of Technology)
Food Education and Design based on Japanese Food Culture Prof. Kimiko Ohtani (Kyoto Prefectural University)
Closing (16:50-17:00)