Cookpad Student Travel Grant

Cookpad Inc. We are planning to have the Student Travel Grant supported by Cookpad Inc. Every winner will get 150,000 JPY as the travel exepense (flight tickets, local traffic expense, and hotel fee), with a free registration to the CEA2017 workshop.

NOTE: The main conference and other workshops are not covered by the free registration, but it is also payable by this grant.


For this year, the organizing committee selected the following two papers as the winner of Cookpad Student Travel Grant!!

TitleCalculating Cooking Recipe's Difficulty based on Cooking Activities
AuthorsKazuma Kusu; Nozomi Makino; Takamitsu Shioi; Kenji Hatano;
This paper tackled a problem of an effective method to estimate the difficulty of cooking recipes. Although this is not an easy task, this paper gathered available data from schoolbooks, defined and compare various methods for scoring difficulties, and evaluated those validities using crowdsourcing; the approach is solid and the quality is high. The result of this paper will enlarge the possibilities of practical applications such as recommendations based on cooking abilities. The quality of this paper is high enough to be recommended as a student travel grant paper.
TitleMultilingualization of Restaurant Menu by Analogical Description
AuthorsKensuke Nobumoto; Daiju Kato; Masaki Endo; Masaharu Hirota; Hiroshi Ishikawa
This study attempted to express Restaurant Menu by a unique format of "analogical description" to overcome a food cultural difference. Because local dishes derive from local climates, culture, history, and other geographical conditions, a traditional machine translation is insufficient and generating an explanation is essential for cross-cultural food communication. From this perspective, this study is recognized to have high originality and should be recommended as a student travel grant paper.


The applicants should be the first author of the submitted paper, be a graduate/undergraduate student, and make a presentation in CEA2017 by themselves.


The evaluation of the applications will be made by the CEA2017 organizing committee and Cookpad Inc. after the acceptance decision. Every candidate paper is evaluated on the basis of quality and originality. Up to two student papers are selected as the winner of this grant. The result will be announced by 16th June.